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2024 Levy Information

The West Valley School District is proposing two levies: a Technology Levy and a General Fund Levy. The Technology Levy aims to cover software fees for state testing, repair or replacement of computers needed for these tests, cybersecurity tools, and IT support contracts to protect student and family data. The General Fund Levy will maintain student-to-teacher ratios, support struggling learners, and address facility repairs. Unlike bonds, which will only fund new construction, these levies focus on day to day cost of running a school. The most recent West Valley levy was approved in 2007. For additional details, please visit the Levy FAQ page.

West Valley School Board Levy Informational Letter

Please click here to read the informational letter from West Valley School Board concerning the 2024 District Levies.

West Valley and Levies

Since 2007, West Valley School District has experienced a massive surge in student enrollment, nearly doubling from 390 to 760 students. However, despite this substantial growth, the last time the voters approved a West Valley School levy was 2007. Currently, only 16.88% of West Valley’s budget is funded by levies, placing it 17th out of 19 public school districts in Flathead County in terms of percentage of West Valley's budget that is funded by voter approved levies.

Moreover, when it comes to spending per pupil, West Valley ranks 15th out of 19 districts. West Valley's spending per pupil is $8,725, which falls below the countywide average of $9,851 for the 2021-2022 school year. Investing in local schools has far-reaching effects beyond individual families. High-quality schools drive economic growth, decrease crime, enhance community connection, and improve the future workforce. By supporting education, communities create a brighter future for all residents.

West Valley comes in third to last for portion of budget funded by levies

West Valley spends on $8,725 per pupil compared to an average of $9,851

A lot has changed since 2007

2007 vs 2024

A lot has changed for the world, and schools, since 2007. In 2007, West Valley’s student population stood at 390 students. Fast forward to 2024, and that number has nearly doubled, reaching 760 students. Education has undergone significant changes during this time.

Back in 2007, required benchmark and state testing were conducted the old-fashioned way—on paper. Students would sit down with their pencils, filling in bubbles and answering questions. But in 2024, the game has shifted. Benchmark and state testing are now only available online, and the district foots the bill for the necessary devices and benchmark testing software.

Similarly, the curriculum has evolved. In the past, all educational materials were offered in paper and book format. But today, we’re witnessing a shift toward only online resources. Whether partially or fully, curriculum now resides in the digital realm. In order to provide up to date curriculum, schools have had to meet the demands for online interactive resources to support student learning.

So, what about the important skills needed for success in the future? Back in 2007, being able to read, write, and understand things was most important. But now, in 2024, around 88% of jobs in Montana require some kind of technological skill, like using email or quickly operating a computer. It's crucial for students to pick up these skills and also learn how to judge information they find online. These are the skills that really set people up for success in today's world.

Technology Levy

We are seeking your support for an $83,000 Technology Levy to address several key areas:

State Testing Software and Computer Maintenance: Annual software fees for mandated state testing are essential. Additionally, we need to repair or replace computers required for administering these tests. Technology needs directly impact our students’ assessment and progress.

Protecting Student Data and Privacy: Annual cybersecurity subscriptions and personnel are crucial to safeguarding student information. Cyberthreats have increased 827% in just the last year. We take data privacy seriously and strive to maintain robust security measures.

Maintaining Instructional Devices: Annual IT support contracts and technical components are necessary to keep our instructional devices operational. These devices are essential for student learning and high school preparation.

Your vote matters! Let’s empower West Valley students with the tools they need for success in the digital era. For further information, please visit the Levy FAQ page here.

Passage of this proposal will increase annual taxes on assessed home values per year for 10 years by approximately:

Tech Levy Increase

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# of phishing links to Montana school district employees that made it through email filters and security tools increased by1,100%

General Fund Levy

West Valley School District is requesting your support for a $347,000 General Fund levy. This levy serves several critical purposes:

Retaining Classroom Teaching Positions: The general fund levy will allow us to maintain effective student-teacher ratios by keeping essential classroom teaching positions. Several teacher positions will have to be cut without levy funds. These positions are critical for kids.

Support Staff for Struggling Learners: Using funds from this levy, we can keep support staff positions to assist kids who are behind or struggle academically. These professionals provide crucial academic support, ensuring that every student receives the support they need to succeed.

Facility Repairs and Student Safety: Aging facilities pose safety risks. Portions of the general fund levy will be used to repair and replace failing heating units, HVAC controls, and other critical infrastructure. Ensuring a safe environment for our students is our top priority.

More information on the General Fund levy can be found on the Levy FAQ page here.

Passage of this proposal will increase annual taxes on assessed home values by approximately:

Cost of Levy

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West Valley students deserve more than one adult monitoring 50 students on the playground and at lunch

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